Carmella Designs, LLC does Trunk Shows all over the country.
If you are interested in hosting and inviting your friends, we would be happy to feature our designs at your event.
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"We Define Simple Elegance"
Impeccable Artistry and Workmanship

If you have exquisite taste for handcrafted jewelry, let us take you to a one of a kind destination that will melt your heart away.

Jewelry has adorned women for many centuries. To this day, it is an essential component that completes every woman's wardrobe. Jewelry is not only an accessory, but more an expression of individuality and femininity. What better way to express oneself than with unique handcrafted jewelry that is embellished with gemstones and fresh water pearls?

Carmella Designs LLC will provide you with the perfect piece that bring out the best in you. Every piece of jewelry created is handcrafted from a passion for art and style. We put our heart into every piece of jewelry to offer you a multitude of options to complement your own design.

Our collection exudes beauty, charm, elegance and strength. At Carmella Designs, you will find the jewelry pieces that are right for your versatile, chic, and sassy style.

At Carmella Designs, LLC, we pride ourselves with creative works of art, where no two pieces are exactly the same. Our creativity and artistry are endless to offer the finest collection of unique handcrafted gemstone jewelry. You are definitely going to fall in love when you discover our exquisite collection of earrings, necklaces, and pendants.

Backed by our workmanship, knowledge, and passion in everything we do, we are able to offer you our jewelry designed to perfection. The mark of excellent is engraved in every piece of beautifully handcrafted jewelry at Carmella Designs, LLC.

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